Calth Contemptor - Quick Repose

Chopped this contemptor up in a few spots, drilled sockets and added ball joints, added real feet, made a chain fist, just generally tried to make it look like it was on a battlefield and moving, not just in a storage rack in the bowels of a ship.

Was just a quick hack and slash job, I want to get it on the table for the weekend. If I had a bit more time I would cut and bend one of the legs and rebuild the knee. But not back for a quick project aye.


Mordian7th said…
Awesome rebuild, man - I really dig the chainfist rework as well!
Agis said…
It is really fantastic what a few cuts can do for this model. Who ever made it must have had a bad day or a really tight schedule. Love to see it painted.
Frothing Muppet said…
Lovely work - you have imparted a definite sense of motion to it.
Col. Hertford said…
"Quick repose" understatement as ever. Very nice job.
tacobat said…
Sick - this is something I had previously considered, glad to see it works well. You've made the model much more dynamic, which is a pleasant change from the very static pose of the original.

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