Heresy Era Death Guard Lascannon Squads Completed

I pulled my finger out and started painting some of the Death Guard infantry I showed earlier on the blog. I started with the more difficult to paint and assemble Heavy Support squads, with Lascannons (the local meta is staunch as shit, lots of Av14, super heavies and drop podding Leviathans). 

I have been running 7 and 7 man squads in test games but if I have more points available in larger games I will do 10 and 5 to make sure I can bully high value targets with the big squad and plug away at dreadnoughts and the like with the smaller one.

25 Tacticals to do next, then I'll paint the Castigator for myself as a treat.



Agis said…
That are some really nice models! I which I would have the penitence to do a 30 k army... but the shear amount of models, and money, and the level of painting needed is staggering. But I will follow your progress with anticipation! Good luck and happy painting.
NafNaf said…
Now that is alot of models to paint all at once! They look great though
Thanks Agis, thanks NafNaf!

Tis a lot of dudes, the Betrayal at Calth and Burning of Prospero sets has made it cheaper and easier than ever but it is still very expensive and requires a lot of time to get in to. Bigger battles still flow well but stuff dies so quickly you end up painting a lot that you just take off the table.
Col. Hertford said…
They look great man. Awesome stuff that really captures the essence of the DG.

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