House Makabius Knight Atrapos Completed Pictures

Yew! Just finished another knight, I think it came up pretty well, I tried to get it to match my Acastus as close as possible but it's been a few months so it's not exact. Still though, pretty happy with the matchy matchy. I also took a bunch of WIP's and kept meaning to post but I never got around to it, was too excited to finish.

House Makabius Knight Atrapos

House Makabius Knight Atrapos

House Makabius Knight Atrapos

House Makabius Knight Atrapos


Mordian7th said…
That is absolutely gorgeous! Awesome work, man!
NafNaf said…
Cracking job dude! He looks absolutely fab:)
Agis said…
Love it. The detailing is superb. Hope you do more Knights/Titans for your force.
Thanks guys, appreciate the compliments!

Agis, got a Castigator on the go now then I think I'll get a Lancer and a Acheron when I can afford it again. I love what you did with the plastic knights but I don't think I have the time up my sleeve to attempt such adventurous conversions and I don't like their pose normally.

Joe B said…
Beautiful work on it!

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