2500pts House Makabius and DG Allies Completed

Finally completed an army again! I got the Castigator done today despite a bit of a rampaging flu and posed these Makabius boys up with their allies, the Death Guard, for a patch giveaway by the Eye of Horus Podcast and the Radio Free Isstvan Podcast.

Will give it a few days but I'll try and tee up some games with the local crew next week and get playing again.


Mordian7th said…
Sweeeeeet - Really dig how those turned out!
Agis said…
Fantastic. Love the colors on the knights. Just need a titan or two to join them.
Thanks guys!

I'm angling for a Reaver but I'm gonna have to wait until next year I think before I can afford it dude. Heh, and I have to slip that purchase past the girlfriend!
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Matt Grosvenor said…
Looks great 😀

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