Bit of a catchup post since breaking my neck, and 2017 hobby wrap up.

G'day G'day, 

Me on the left. #56

Well what a funny few months, I went back to playing football again for another season at Defensive Tackle but had a bit of a freak accident where one of the guys on my team was washed across the back of the line and drilled me in the side of the head while I was braced up on the OT and OG. I crushed C4/5 and prolapsed the disc, the breach and the movement kinked my spinal cord and paralysed me completely from the neck down on the field and it took a while before I got some movement back.

It's been two months now, I still have some nerve pain and still need surgery but they wanted to see if the swelling on my spinal cord would go down some before they operated. So no more football unless I end up with a cybernetic spine, unfortunately my days of cracking lids and putting dudes in the dirt are behind me.

Me 2 games later :(

In the time off I have been in a neck brace so it's kinda tough to paint but I have been trying to slowly chip away at a few projects during periods where I'm not having trouble with pain or movement but I can't sit for long before I have to stop.

It's been a decent year last year for hobby I think despite the fact that I've moved house twice and undergone a lot of other changes too, and now the neck. Here's what I did:

Sons of Horus
Mars Table

Acastus Knight Porphyrion
Cerastus Knight Atrapos
Cerastus Knight Castigator
40 Death Guard Infantry
1 Death Guard Leviathan
1 DG Contemptor
14 Man Human BB Team including Zug and an Ogre
A bunch of terrain pieces for the Mars table
A Tiger Tank, a Pz38t and a Sd.Kfz 232 for Bolt Action

5 DG Terminators
2 DG Whirlwind Scorpios
~1200pts of Early War Germans
12 Man Dwarf BB Team
1000pts of North Africa Brits including a Matilda
Sculpting and cutting stage of a Underworld Denizens BB Team.
Repaints for my Imperial fleet.

Planning to start collecting:
Star Wars Legion **Oh yeah!!**

Here's a few updates:

My friend Jack is really turning into a jet with the paint brush, check out his KV2! I knocked out a quick test tiger and it looks ghetto as fuck next to his tank, haha.

I really love Bolt Action, it's one of the best game systems I've played and I think the realism really helps me get into it. I've been playing a few games with my mate Jack and really loving it, this was a real highlight where my Flak37 88mm gun and crew turned their sights on a sniper team in the far side of the board and blew the whole top level of the building off, haha. Rekt!

Scheme I'm working on, Panzer Grey with Red Fades

Gozanti looking staunch.

Painted up a new head for the Castigator, what a pretty boy. I hated the original head and this one looks the tits.

I finished up the Calth Contemptor with some paint and decals and think it looks alright for the shitty kit that it's based on.

A Matilda CS I'm working on for the brits.

Who's a cheeky prawn? Me, immobilised and turret jammed poor Jacks Easy 8 which allowed me the opportunity to drive up on him and start putting some shells in the side and back, till didn't manage to kill it though with some bad rolling.

So it's been an interesting year with a lot of challenges but I still feel a sense of achievement when I look back through the blog and see what I've done but I'm not out of the woods in terms of the injury. I met with the spinal team again today and it looks almost certain that I'll be going under the knife before too long, so rehab and stuff aside I'm looking forward to another good year of painting models and playing games!

Thanks for sticking with me, I've killed off my Instagram and FB to cut back on all the disposable shit show of social media and will just keep cracking on with making my style of stuff and will be posting it exclusively on the blog again.



Michael Corr said…
Ouch! Sorry to hear about your injury. I broke my wrist at the start of 2017. Obviously not nearly as serious, but I severely cut into my hobby work at the first half of the year.

Nice to see some really great hobby progress from you for the year, looking forward to more in 2018!
Agis said…
Sad to hear about your injury. Hope it will be alright. You really have been productive never the less. I love your knights and I agree that the new head looks much better. I thought about making something similar once my FW ban is over. Looking forward to your next posts.
John Stiening said…
My whole re-introduction to the hobby started because I needed several months to recover from surgery. I wish you a speedy recovery peppered with good gaming and painting.
Siph_Horridus said…
Ouch, get well soon Brother! And totally with you regarding FB and insta-hit photo dump blogging... I prefer the delivery of Blogs. Not getting FB anytime soon!

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