30k Death Guard, A 2.5k Army.

Hey dudes,

It's a little cobbled together, I strayed from the theme a bit of infantry and walkers by adding the Typhon but it was a ripper deal I got from my mate so I stripped it down and painted it up with haste.

I'm actually going to continue adding 'Centurion' units in the form of more walkers, some Thudd guns and an Assault Squad to up my mobility. I've also got a pair of Whirlwind Scorpius to throw in and continue the theme of a Heavy Support force.

It's a good start anyway, I can keep expanding from here and I look forward to doing so.




Siph_Horridus said…
Lovely looking Force!
John Stiening said…
This is a beautiful force. I’d love to see this in person.

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