30k Death Guard, Space Crusade Era Tarantulas!!

Hey Dudes,

Continuing the posts for my DG progress I decided to paint up these Tarantula guns from the Space Crusade Mission Dreadnought expansion, I've done them in a neutral ceramite grey so I can integrate them back into the 3 Factions from the Space Crusade set if I decide to play it. I'm imagining my force has picked them up from a ammammotorium or whatever ridiculous name GW fluffers would come up with.

I actually grabbed these out because my gaming groups doing an Escalation league and at 45pts a piece I can sorta fill gaps as required and give myself a little anti-armour.

Thanks for checking in!




Mordian7th said…
Sweeeeeeeeeeet. Those are fantastic, man!
WestRider said…
Man, I wish those were still available. They're the best sculpts for Tarantulas that I've seen. Seriously, I'd rather have a handful of those than the FW ones. Nice job painting them up, too.

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