Gaslands Tabletop Game - Monster Truck Conversion COMPLETE

Hey gang,

I just finished this rig and I've gotta admit, this is the most fun hobbying I think I've ever had! I took what was clearly a little toy Hot Wheels Monster Truck about the size of two space marines standing side by side and turned it into an apocalyptic rig ready for the Deathrace.

I did a huge post yesterday with the WIP's from the toy stage through to primer, I've got some finished photos now with a couple more WIP's and the next two cars I'll be working on.

And here is how it started out!

These were the last two WIPs, I was stoked with how the weathering came out. It was my first time trying the windscreen dusting and though the effect is a little heavy I'm glad I gave it a go and think it matches the chassis, tyres and body dusting.

I'm gonna do these two little buggies next to match the Monster Truck and put my first team sponsored by SLIME together.

Thanks for checking in guys and I hope you've enjoyed seeing something a bit different.




stats said…
This is awesome, I'd put something like it in my to do list. Great job, I really would see the smaller cars. How about the dust on the glass? It is gorgeous.
Siph_Horridus said…
Thats brilliant and great attention to detail, the wipers dust mark is a great touch and the uneven wear on the tyres, genius.

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