House Makabius Cerastus Knight Castigator.

Hey Dudes,

I don't think I ever chucked up a photo of this bad boy but getting and painting one of the new option heads was a good excuse to get some decent photographs. It's my favourite knight chassis but my least favourite head so I'm really glad they released some options.

That's it for a while, we're up to date with what I've done now. I'm gonna set to making a gaming table and some terrain again and will continue to add some units to both the knight force and the Death Guard.




NafNaf said…
What a stunning model! Really cracking job, but he colours work so well together, and the head is a great focal centre piece for the whole thing. Good choice with the swap
Siph_Horridus said…
Stunning and great dynamic pose too, reminiscent of an Alien Xenomorph!
Mordian7th said…
Very nice - I love the sense of motion you've achieved with what is usually a very static-posed knight! Beautifully painted as well, great work!

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