Custom VW Beetle for the Apocalypse - Gaslands Conversion 2

Hey dudes,

I converted and painted this next car in the same theme as the Monster Truck I did (the beginnings of a team?), it's for the post-apocalyptic miniatures game, Gaslands, which uses base Hot Wheels or Matchbox 1/64 cars that are up to you to customise.

I did a fair bit with this car and am quite happy with how uniform it looks as a finished product. I cut the stock car apart and ground out the rear engine cover section (see the standard car photo below), I then made up a custom back end and fit the engine of another Hot Wheels kit to the back of it. I did a bunch of custom plasticard work including extra armour, a roll cage and the bit I love the most, a sprint car style wing.

I added a few other little touches of mesh and what not before priming the whole thing and getting the paint work underway. 

The Hot Rod that's also photographed primed is up on the bench next as well as a 'War Rig' and a few cars for the next team. 

Loving this, it's a nice little break from the normal stuff and my wallet loves it too! It's pretty much the only mini war gaming I can still afford to do at the moment being that I can't work until I have and recover from the spinal surgery.

Thanks for checking in,



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