Commission Piece - Building a Reaver Titan


I've been commissioned by a local lad to build and pose his Reaver Titan. I put the call out to the local community to see if anyone had a big project for me to work on, he'd seen my knights and felt confident to trust me with such a big dollar piece. We kicked around a few ideas for poses and he wanted to get the big unit to look like it was throwing a punch without making it look stupid if he went to dual ranged weapons as well. It's taken a fair bit of cutting and test fitting to get the pose that I'm happy with which I feel really conveys movement and gives the idea of a boxers jab, but can also look as though it's turning to fire on new targets when running both guns. The kit wasn't happy to go to some of these angles so I've had to shave a fair bit down in some spots and space others with plasticard(waist, arm, head). I'll be rebuilding some of the sections with green stuff to add detail back in and hide some of the joins. The head for example I've taken it to an angle to follow the jab that goes beyond the cables that cover the ball joint so I'm going to have to cut those out and replace them with greenstuff cabling to go the extra distance, the gaps bigger too because I had to cut some of the depth of armour away from the back of the head to get more angle.

Anyway a couple photos, I'm stoked with the silhouette and will be sad to see this beauty go when I'm done! It's been a fun experience though, here's hoping I can afford one for myself some day.

Cheers boyos


Agis said…
Love the legs. Must be one of the most life like stances I have seen on this kit. Will you also be painting it or is it just build? Hope you get to do your own titan one day. With the quality of your knights I think it would be great.
Siph_Horridus said…
Sweet pose, great punching stance!
Thanks mates! Agis, I don't get to do the paint sadly, he wants to do that himself so once I get everything built he'll be picked up. Fingers crossed I can get one at some stage, reminds me I've gotta check in on your Warlord!!
John Stiening said…
It looks so strange with the leg armor missing!
Dave Weston said…
That's really impressive, that dynamism is definitely there. As John says without the leg armour it looks weird, but I actually think all these big walkers look alright without them, some even better. But it's just a bit odd and it'll no doubt look awesome with them in place.

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