30K Centurion Battle Pics

Hey gang,

Got to throw down against my boy Jake on Sunday, hosted at one of the local Heresy dudes bars before he opened for the evening. It was cool as shit for Luke to get us in there and make us a few drinks while we rolled dice and talked some shit.

Jake brought 1500pts of World Eaters using the 'Mournival Events' Veteran Company right of war. I brought my Death Guard using The Reaping so the Heavy Bolter Squad counted as troops and everyone had rad grenades.

I got first turn and kinda pushed the action pressing everyone forward, our aim was to kill as much of eachothers infantry as possible and we both wanted a blood bath. The first turn overall was a bit of a wash, the following turns though we're bulk carnage, after losing my HQ and Terminators in turn 2 (Killing his Contemptor) and my Assault Marines in 3 (To wipe his Herald and Vets) I started having to backup and fire with everything else as a lot of the punch had gone.

The game ended on the top of turn 5 with me shaking the hand in defeat, I only had 3 Tac marines left that were about to be charged by 2 Butchers. Jake still had a Delegatus and 2 Vets in the middle of the table (As well as the Butchers) hovering around the wreckage of some dead Dreadnoughts.


Oh yeah, I forgot to post it before but this is my new battlefield. I finished this off a couple weeks ago racing to get ready for the War in the Wasteland Heresy Camp we had.

I'm loving the games lately, the DG are really letting me down in close combat but I get super bored from just playing a shooting army and I'm glad for the new close combat units.

Cheers guys


Dorn's Arrow said…
Awesome! :-D Looks like it was a cool game, even though the Death Guard didn't come out on top :p
Siph_Horridus said…
Looks like a great set up and terrain. Good job getting it done, it adds so much to the game, Terrain is the third player.

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