Working on a Modified Deredeo - Base Colour WIPs


Got myself a Deredeo a few months back (pre price gouge) and I've seen a few people do the leggy blonde mods with the IG Sentinal leg pieces, so I gave that a nudge and while I was cutting and fitting stuff I flipped the battery packs up on the lascannons to give it more of a Madcat/Catapult Mechwarrior look and ditched the external cable routing.

I'm part way into the painting now, I've got my base colours down and sealed it, I've just started adding some decals now and I'll seal it again before hitting it with the oils and chipping.



Mordian7th said…
Very nice! I dig it!
Agis said…
That looks nice. The thighs could do with some extra armor but I think it gives the model some needed extra height. The battery packs looks good.
Siph_Horridus said…
Looks great, like the inverted battery packs, good job
karthik said…
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Thanks a heap for the comments dudes! I'm happy with where it's gone, Agis I agree about the leg armour but I can see it fouling on articulation maybe so I might just leave it bare even though it doesn't look quite as Space Mariney as it could.

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