Titanicus - Legio Vulpa Warhounds WIP


Put a pin in the painting of the Warlord and Reavers to get these two built up so I can catch them up to the batch before I got too far ahead.

There's a dude on Instagram called the Polysmith, I don't know if they blog or not but the converted 28mm Warhound they did just Knicks the posing right out of the park, it's by far the best Titan I've seen pose wise.

I took heavy inspiration for the converted AT Warhound I've done from their works, it required cutting both legs into three sections, compressing one as much as possible and extending the other out to pretty well straight. I had to rebuild the pistons front and rear on the extended leg which leads into the feet, they were also pretty extensively modified, I drilled the pins out of each of the toes, trimmed them back and reposed them on a new pin made from styrene rod. I then remade the toe pistons with more styrene and some thin wire.

I'm stoked on the pose, it really looks like it's on the go and while I'm yet to play a game, I can see these guys flanking the bigger dogs at full speed and causing some mayhem.

The other one I pretty much built standard from the sprue, I did cut the hip pegs off to change the angle of the legs but otherwise it's standard. To compensate for the comparative lack of effort I jazzed up the base with a Solar Aux Leman Russ Incinerator.

On the subject of Warhounds, I used the back of the spare Warlord head to make a mount for the top of the Reaver and magnetised it so I can run the Warhound Weapons upside down, the Vulcan MegaBolters look a bit daft but the Turbo Laser and the Plasma Blasting look pretty legit. It's nice to have some options anyway and I can't wait to get a game in to try them out.

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XarfaiEngel said…
Wow that pose is amazing! Really quite dynamic in the best sense.
Great stuff! The posing works really well to give some dynamic movement to the model.

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